Workforce Planning (V2)

Use Klayo to inventory your workforce capabilities

Set up for success with workforce planning

Prepare for the future effectively with Klayo.

Klayo can help you ensure you have the right mix of talent in your workforce now and in the future to counteract workforce challenges.

Effective workforce planning.

The best time to implement workforce planning is today.

Klayo provides visibility over your workforce capabilities, showing you exactly how your workforce looks currently.

With this information, you can align your workforce with strategic goals and objectives.  Targeted employee development and recruitment plans can be created to ensure you have the right mix of talent for the future.

By preparing your workforce effectively, you will be better able to overcome industry challenges and minimise the impacts on your organisation.

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Implement workforce planning in 3 simple steps

Identify the competencies, attributes, and proficiencies of your workforce today.

Outline the competencies, attributes, and proficiencies your workforce will need in the future.

Develop targeted employee development and recruitment plans to fill existing and predicted skill gaps.

Effective workforce planning

Align your workforce capabilities to strategic goals and objectives based on detailed workforce capability data to ensure the right number of employees with the right skills are deployed at the right place at the right time.

Understand the capabilities and gaps of your existing workforce by comparing employee capability data against detailed job specifications. This way,  talent gaps are identified, and you can develop plans to fill those gaps.

Develop targeted employee development and recruitment plans that ensure you have the right mix of talent now and in the future.

Measure the impact of workforce plans by capturing workforce capability data in real-time so outcomes can be monitored and assessed.

Think of the data you can uncover when appropriately documenting your workforce capabilities

Easy to Use

Klayo is an easy to use tool with a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly inventory the capabilities of your workforce.

Implementation Assistance

We offer tool implementation services to help you get Klayo up and running in no time.

Enhance Existing HR Systems

Klayo enhances your existing systems by sharing valuable workforce data via API’s to leverage your investment in existing tools.

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