Team Members

Tailored to

Team Members

By recognizing your individual skills and certifications, you will be able to see a clear path forward in your career.

Access to the right training and development

Klayo will provide you with the right training and development you need to succeed in your job, remain compliant, and progress in your organization.

You can easily see any training gaps you might have and understand your path to career progression within your organization.

Don't limit your team. Klayo uncovers potential areas for progression and training
Klayo means your skills and abilities will not go unnoticed

Be recognised for your skills

Klayo will help you showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities to management and throughout your organization.

Professional and personal attributes can be highlighted, allowing you to be easily recognized for internal promotions and advance your career.

Take control of your career

Get a clear view on what is required for your role, and for any promotions.

Don't be left in the dark when it comes to your own skills, abilities, and achievements

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