Easily track staff certifications, licenses and training

Take your spreadsheets to the next level.

Easily document your workforce capabilities with Klayo

Workforce data management

Everything you need to easily track, manage and report on workforce  training.

Compliance management

Ensure workforce requirements are clearly documented, visible and kept up to date.

Targeted training

Ensure all employees have the knowledge and skills required to successfully perform their roles.

How Klayo compares to Excel spreadsheets

Workforce training and competency management software giving you a new way to work. See why Klayo is a better way to easily track, manage and report on employee training.

Collaborate with your team

All-in-one data visualisation

Secure and reliable

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Notifications, alerts and automatic updates

Scalable and grows with your business

Built-in compliance management

Easily keep track of your training data

Quick, easy and simple to use

Manage data with ease

How Klayo Works

Klayo is a workforce planning tool that helps to drive productivity, compliance and increase employee engagement.

A holistic workforce view

Klayo gives you a complete view of your employees, jobs and capabilities.

Drill down into details

Whether it’s a small team or your whole organisation, Klayo lets you look from the top and the drill down.

Gap analysis

Focus on the gaps in real time, with a click, and ensure your people have what they need to do their job successfully.

Full record history

A single place to track capabilities, progress, and evidence such as certificates and training records.

Shared ownership and accountability

Manage Klayo yourself, or invite employees and managers to share the load.

We work with your existing systems

Klayo is complimentary to your existing Human Resource and Learning Management Systems, with custom integrations available.

Don't limit your team. Klayo uncovers potential areas for progression and training

Implementation services

Klayo supports self-service implementation supported by video guides, walkthroughs, and an online knowledge base that provide everything you need to get Klayo up and running in no time.

Those who need additional support can choose from a wide range of implementation services including workforce planning and data analysis, system configuration and implementation and report and/or onsite training.

Want to know more?

We would love to discuss how we can help take the next step in your capability journey.

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