How it works

How it works

It’s as easy as logging your skills, defining proficiency levels, and adding evidence.

When complete, you’ll get a clear view of your workforce and gain insights to help drive strategic decisions.

1. Inventory your workforce capabilities

Outline the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your workforce.

Build out your jobs, attributes, and measure your people in any way that is important to you.

Craft Klayo to suit your organizational needs, and to get the best outcome for your workforce capabilities.

Take workforce productivity to the next level by assigning required and actual proficiency levels for jobs, attributes, and employees.

Use this data to monitor the competencies of your team and ensure they’re performing at their best.

Both established team members and new starters will gain a better understanding of their role and its requirements.

No more second-guessing or interpreting vague responsibilities – all roles are as clear as day.

With increased visibility of workforce capabilities, you can create more accurate and meaningful job descriptions that are detailed and specific for your entire team.

That way, your team knows what they need to do, and how to do it well.

All team members can utilize Klayo to document their knowledge, skills, and abilities and in doing so, will feel empowered to take control of their professional development.

Easily document your workforce capabilities with Klayo

2. Validate attributes

Get the most out of your workforce capabilities by ensuring that attributes are validated and supporting evidence documented.

Klayo conveniently keeps track of supporting documentation such as training records, licenses, certifications, education, and experience all in one place.

You’ll be notified when qualifications are expiring and can access your data when needing to report to regulatory bodies.

You and your team will be notified of expiring attributes, so you can ensure you have a high-performing, compliant team on-hand, all the time.

Managers and team members work alongside each other to document, validate, and provide feedback on attributes.

This will facilitate informed conversations around an individual’s career progression and performance management.

Individuals will understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to be successful and feel recognized and valued for the skills and expertise they bring to the organization.

Determine the level of proficiency required for roles

3. Access analytics and insights

Use Klayo’s powerful data intelligence and visualization to help inform workforce strategy and planning.

With Klayo, it’s easy to drive smarter business decisions with accurate capability data.

Klayo has been designed to ensure that all your workforce capability data can be maintained and kept up to date in real time, unlike paperwork and spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain and become outdated almost immediately.

Clearly see skill gaps and put targeted training and development plans in place to overcome inefficiencies.

Klayo enables targeted training that aligns to organizational goals and objectives and increases the productivity of your workforce.

Visualize your workforce through almost any lens.

This means you can visualize a single employee’s specific attributes or highlight the most proficient teams within your organization.

Klayo helps you to minimize risk by giving you the tools to ensure you have the right team for the job, every time.

You will be notified of any role, safety, or compliance discrepancies, so you can fill skill gaps that might otherwise cause problems for your organization.

Klayo means you won't be in the dark when making workforce strategy decisions

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