Mitigate Onboarding Risk (V2)

Rebuild your workforce faster

Recruiting? Klayo can help to mitigate the risk that comes with rebuilding your workforce.

Klayo can help you overcome the challenges presented by the demand for mass recruitment in many industries, by helping you rebuild your workforce and ensure recruits meet the regulatory requirements of your industry.

Use Klayo to inventory your workforce capabilities

Klayo helps you accelerate the rebuild of your workforce.

The key to mitigating the operational risk that comes with accidents or incidents resulting from missing qualifications is by capturing the competencies of all new employees. 

Klayo helps you to inventory the competencies of new employees and see their skill gaps. With visibility over the skills and certifications an employee possesses, you can ensure each person is properly qualified to perform their duties.

To ensure all employees are industry-ready, you can easily identify what training they need to undergo to get up to speed and reduce the chances of any accidents, incidents, or operational flaws.

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Mitigate onboarding risk in 3 simple steps

Identify the competencies, attributes, and proficiencies of the required roles.

Inventory the competencies, attributes, and proficiencies of new recruits.

Use the skill gap insights provided by Klayo to identify what training is required to ensure new employees are compliant with regulations.

A simple way to manage workforce risk

Reduce operating risk by providing access to workforce capability data ensuring that each employee is qualified to perform their duties.

Maintain business continuity by supporting advanced workforce planning to ensure continuity of operations and maintain operational performance.

Take control of regulatory compliance by aligning workforce capability data with regulatory requirements to successfully manage audits, meet regulatory requirements and maintain operational certifications.

Reduce accidents and incidents by ensuring that each employee has the required knowledge, skills and proficiencies to safely perform their duties.

Build competency and productivity

Easy to Use

Klayo is an easy to use tool with a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly inventory the capabilities of your workforce.

Implementation Assistance

We offer tool implementation services to help you get Klayo up and running in no time.

Enhance Existing HR Systems

Klayo enhances your existing systems by sharing valuable workforce data via API’s to leverage your investment in existing tools.

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