Workforce capability management software.

Transform your workforce with Klayo.

Klayo shines a light on the competencies and skills of your workforce and employees. You can see whether your team has the attributes required to fulfill their roles, or what’s holding them back. With Klayo, you can easily uncover what’s needed for your organization to succeed and remain compliant while helping to inform strategic workforce planning.

Attribute mapping

Outline the competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities of your workforce.

Gap analysis

See the skills and attributes your team is missing.

Manage compliance

Keep evidence of licenses and certifications and be notified when they’re expiring.

Informed data

Guide recruitment, competency frameworks, succession planning, and performance appraisals.

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Select a time that best suits you, for an hour demonstration of Klayo. We’ll show you how Klayo works, how easy it is to use, and how it can benefit your organisation.

The #1 secret to a high-performing workforce.

Klayo is a workforce capability management tool that allows you to shine a light on the skills and competencies of your team members. In using Klayo, you can ensure your workforce is performing at its best.

The software provides a gap analysis, where you can see the skills and attributes your team is missing but should have.

You’ll gain transparency of your workforce’s attributes and qualifications, which means you can ensure your organization is not only compliant with industry regulations, but is also delivering outstanding results.

Plus, all of this eye-opening data is gathered in one place and can be easily leveraged to help guide your recruitment, training, performance management, and competency frameworks.

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Use Klayo to inventory your workforce capabilities

Boost productivity while empowering your workforce.

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