Accelerate Onboarding (V2)

Use Klayo to inventory your workforce capabilities

Rebuild your workforce faster

Recruiting? Klayo can help you get back to maximum productivity sooner.

Klayo can help you rebuild your workforce, and return to 100% productivity sooner, despite the labor shortage challenges industries are facing today.

Klayo helps you accelerate the rebuild of your workforce.

With less talent available, it’s important recruits receive the training required during onboarding to help maintain operational efficiency and ensure optimal customer experience.

Klayo helps you to develop tailored onboarding plans based on the capability gaps of new employees.

With clear visibility over both the skills a recruit has, and the skills required of the role, you can see what training programs are needed to get new employees up to speed.

The result is a much faster and more effective onboarding process, helping your business return to maximum productivity ASAP.

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Accelerate onboarding in 3 simple steps

Identify the competencies, attributes, and proficiencies of the required roles.

Inventory the competencies, attributes, and proficiencies of new recruits.

Fill skill gaps by recruiting suitable talent and create tailored onboarding plans to help recruits get up to speed faster.

Achieve data driven recruitment

Manage and accelerate the rebuild of your workforce by identifying key workforce capability gaps.

Develop tailored onboarding plans based on new employee capability gaps to accelerate effective onboarding, productivity and employee engagement.

Leverage data driven recruitment by providing critical workforce capability data needed to develop clear job requirements to identify and attract the most qualified candidates.

Search your existing workforce to identify internal candidates by capability match to a specific vacancy and best fit for the role.

Identify and attract the right external candidates based on accurate job specifications that outline the key responsibilities, competencies, attributes and proficiencies required for the role.

Think of the data you can uncover when appropriately documenting your workforce capabilities

Easy to Use

Klayo is an easy to use tool with a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly inventory the capabilities of your workforce.

Implementation Assistance

We offer tool implementation services to help you get Klayo up and running in no time.

Enhance Existing HR Systems

Klayo enhances your existing systems by sharing valuable workforce data via API’s to leverage your investment in existing tools.

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